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test::orm::test_collection::CustomCollectionsTest Class Reference

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Detailed Description

test the integration of collections with mapped classes.

Definition at line 1593 of file test_collection.py.

Public Member Functions

def define_tables
def fixtures
def insert_data
def register_class
def setup
def setup_class
def setup_classes
def setup_mappers
def sql_count_
def sql_eq_
def teardown
def teardown_class
def test_basic
def test_custom
def test_dict
def test_dict_wrapper
def test_lazyload
def test_list
def test_list_no_setslice
def unregister_class

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 classes = None
 metadata = None
 other_artifacts = None
string run_define_tables = 'once'
string run_deletes = 'each'
string run_inserts = 'each'
string run_setup_classes = 'once'
string run_setup_mappers = 'each'
 tables = None

Private Member Functions

def _test_list

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