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test::orm::test_assorted_eager::EagerTest9 Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for test::orm::test_assorted_eager::EagerTest9:

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Detailed Description

Test the usage of query options to eagerly load specific paths.

This relies upon the 'path' construct used by PropertyOption to relate
LoaderStrategies to specific paths, as well as the path state maintained
throughout the query setup/mapper instances process.

Definition at line 787 of file test_assorted_eager.py.

Public Member Functions

def define_tables
def fixtures
def insert_data
def register_class
def setup
def setup_class
def setup_classes
def setup_mappers
def sql_count_
def sql_eq_
def teardown
def teardown_class
def test_joinedload_on_path
def unregister_class

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 classes = None
 metadata = None
 other_artifacts = None
string run_define_tables = 'once'
string run_deletes = 'each'
string run_inserts = 'each'
string run_setup_classes = 'once'
string run_setup_mappers = 'each'
 tables = None

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