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sqlalchemy::sql::expression::Alias Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for sqlalchemy::sql::expression::Alias:

sqlalchemy::sql::expression::FromClause sqlalchemy::sql::expression::Selectable sqlalchemy::sql::expression::ClauseElement sqlalchemy::sql::visitors::Visitable

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Detailed Description

Represents an table or selectable alias (AS).

Represents an alias, as typically applied to any table or
sub-select within a SQL statement using the ``AS`` keyword (or
without the keyword on certain databases such as Oracle).

This object is constructed from the :func:`alias()` module level
function as well as the :func:`alias()` method available on all
:class:`FromClause` subclasses.

Definition at line 2934 of file expression.py.

Public Member Functions

def __and__
def __getstate__
def __hash__
def __init__
def __invert__
def __nonzero__
def __or__
def __repr__
def __str__
def alias
def as_scalar
def bind
def compare
def compile
def correspond_on_equivalents
def corresponding_column
def count
def description
def execute
def get_children
def get_children
def is_derived_from
def join
def outerjoin
def params
def replace_selectable
def scalar
def select
def self_group
def unique_params

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple c = _select_iterableproperty(attrgetter('columns'), doc=_columns.__doc__)
tuple columns = property(attrgetter('_columns'), doc=_columns.__doc__)
tuple foreign_keys
 named_with_column = True
tuple primary_key
 quote = None
 schema = None

Private Member Functions

def _copy_internals
def _from_objects
def _populate_column_collection

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string __visit_name__ = 'alias'

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