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sqlalchemy::orm::session::SessionTransaction Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A Session-level transaction.

This corresponds to one or more :class:`~sqlalchemy.engine.Transaction`
instances behind the scenes, with one ``Transaction`` per ``Engine`` in

Direct usage of ``SessionTransaction`` is not necessary as of SQLAlchemy
0.4; use the ``begin()`` and ``commit()`` methods on ``Session`` itself.

The ``SessionTransaction`` object is **not** thread-safe.

.. index::
  single: thread safety; SessionTransaction

Definition at line 197 of file session.py.

Public Member Functions

def __enter__
def __exit__
def __init__
def close
def commit
def connection
def is_active
def prepare
def rollback

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _assert_is_active
def _assert_is_open
def _begin
def _connection_for_bind
def _deactivate
def _is_transaction_boundary
def _iterate_parents
def _prepare_impl
def _remove_snapshot
def _restore_snapshot
def _rollback_impl
def _take_snapshot

Private Attributes


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