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sqlalchemy::engine::default::DefaultDialect Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for sqlalchemy::engine::default::DefaultDialect:


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Detailed Description

Default implementation of Dialect

Definition at line 24 of file default.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def connect
def create_connect_args
def create_xid
def denormalize_name
def dialect_description
def do_begin
def do_begin_twophase
def do_commit
def do_commit_twophase
def do_execute
def do_executemany
def do_prepare_twophase
def do_recover_twophase
def do_release_savepoint
def do_rollback
def do_rollback_to_savepoint
def do_rollback_twophase
def do_savepoint
def get_columns
def get_foreign_keys
def get_indexes
def get_pk_constraint
def get_pk_constraint
def get_primary_keys
def get_table_names
def get_view_definition
def get_view_names
def has_sequence
def has_table
def initialize
def is_disconnect
def normalize_name
def on_connect
def reflecttable
def type_descriptor
def validate_identifier

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary colspecs = {}
dictionary dbapi_type_map = {}
 ddl_compiler = compiler.DDLCompiler
string default_paramstyle = 'named'
 execute_sequence_format = tuple
 implicit_returning = False
int max_identifier_length = 9999
string name = 'default'
 postfetch_lastrowid = True
 preexecute_autoincrement_sequences = False
 preparer = compiler.IdentifierPreparer
tuple reflection_options = ()
 requires_name_normalize = False
 returns_unicode_strings = False
 sequences_optional = False
 server_version_info = None
 statement_compiler = compiler.SQLCompiler
 supports_alter = True
 supports_default_values = False
 supports_empty_insert = True
 supports_native_boolean = False
 supports_native_decimal = False
 supports_native_enum = False
 supports_sane_multi_rowcount = True
 supports_sane_rowcount = True
 supports_sequences = False
 supports_unicode_binds = False
 supports_unicode_statements = False
 type_compiler = compiler.GenericTypeCompiler

Private Member Functions

def _check_unicode_returns

Private Attributes


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