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sqlalchemy::dialects::mssql::base::MSSQLStrictCompiler Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for sqlalchemy::dialects::mssql::base::MSSQLStrictCompiler:

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Detailed Description

A subclass of MSSQLCompiler which disables the usage of bind
parameters where not allowed natively by MS-SQL.

A dialect may use this compiler on a platform where native
binds are used.

Definition at line 865 of file base.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def for_update_clause
def get_select_precolumns
def label_select_column
def limit_clause
def order_by_clause
def render_literal_value
def returning_clause
def visit_alias
def visit_binary
def visit_char_length_func
def visit_column
def visit_concat_op
def visit_current_date_func
def visit_extract
def visit_function
def visit_in_op
def visit_length_func
def visit_match_op
def visit_notin_op
def visit_now_func
def visit_rollback_to_savepoint
def visit_select
def visit_table

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 ansi_bind_rules = True
tuple extract_map
 returning_precedes_values = True

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