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sqlalchemy::orm::mapper::Mapper Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Defines the correlation of class attributes to database table columns.

Instances of this class should be constructed via the sqlalchemy.orm.mapper() function.

Definition at line 30 of file mapper.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def add_properties
def add_property
def base_mapper
def cascade_callable
def cascade_iterator
def common_parent
def compile
def delete_obj
def get_attr_by_column
def get_select_mapper
def get_session
def has_eager
def identity
def identity_key
def identity_key_from_instance
def identity_key_from_primary_key
def identity_key_from_row
def instance_key
def instances
def is_assigned
def isa
def iterate_to_root
def polymorphic_iterator
def populate_instance
def primary_key_from_instance
def primary_mapper
def register_dependencies
def save_obj
def set_attr_by_column
def translate_row

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple props

Private Member Functions

def __log
def __log_debug
def _add_polymorphic_mapping
def _assign_entity_name
def _check_compile
def _compile_all
def _compile_class
def _compile_extensions
def _compile_inheritance
def _compile_properties
def _compile_property
def _compile_selectable
def _compile_tables
def _create_instance
def _create_prop_from_column
def _do_compile
def _get_props
def _getpropbycolumn
def _has_pks
def _initialize_properties
def _instance
def _is_orphan
def _is_primary_mapper
def _postfetch

Private Attributes


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