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sqlalchemy::ansisql::ANSICompiler Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for sqlalchemy::ansisql::ANSICompiler:

sqlalchemy::sql::Compiled sqlalchemy::sql::ClauseVisitor sqlalchemy::databases::firebird::FBCompiler sqlalchemy::databases::oracle::OracleCompiler

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Detailed Description

default implementation of Compiled, which compiles ClauseElements into ANSI-compliant SQL strings.

Definition at line 58 of file ansisql.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def after_compile
def apply_function_parens
def binary_operator_string
def bindparam_string
def compile
def default_from
def execute
def for_update_clause
def get_from_text
def get_params
def get_str
def get_whereclause
def limit_clause
def scalar
def visit_alias
def visit_binary
def visit_bindparam
def visit_calculatedclause
def visit_cast
def visit_clauselist
def visit_column
def visit_compound
def visit_compound_select
def visit_delete
def visit_fromclause
def visit_function
def visit_index
def visit_insert
def visit_insert_column
def visit_insert_column_default
def visit_insert_sequence
def visit_join
def visit_label
def visit_null
def visit_select
def visit_select_postclauses
def visit_select_precolumns
def visit_table
def visit_textclause
def visit_typeclause
def visit_update
def visit_update_column_default

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _get_colparams

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